Professor Mark Chignell


University of Toronto
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
5 King’s College Rd
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5S 3G8

Office: Bahen Centre for Information Technology, Room BA8171A
Phone: (416) 978-8951

As someone initially trained in psychology who later moved to engineering I have been interested in the problem of developing technologies and interfaces that amplify human capability and respect human limitations. In over 25 years teaching at major universities I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful set of graduate students and research colleagues on a wide range of interesting and challenging problems. I am thrilled to see the new edition of our website evolving and would welcome questions, comments and suggestions concerning our research and the website.

I am a Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto, where I have been on the faculty since 1990. Prior to that I was an Assistant Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California from 1984 to 1990. I have a Ph.D in Psychology (University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1981), and an M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Ohio State, 1984). In addition to being director of the Interactive Media Lab, I am President of Vocalage Inc., a University of Toronto spinoff company, and a visiting scientist at both the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies and Keio University in Japan.

Mark was the general chair of ACM Hypertext 2010 . The conference was held in Toronto Canada June 13-16, 2010.

See my Google scholar page for information about my publications and who has been citing them.

My Wikipedia Page

Here is some information on the research project I am carrying out on building non-confidential summaries of health data repositories for use in clinical decision support.